Vendor Communications

Vendor Bulletins are used to inform vendors about important WIC issues, such as:

  • Changes to (or clarifications of) the WIC Acceptable Foods Card

  • Changes to (or clarifications of) minimum stocking requirements

  • Policy updates and contract information

Reminders of existing policies and procedures

Vendor Bulletins contain important information and need to be reviewed upon receipt. Vendor Bulletins should be shared with all store employees that handle WIC transactions and checks.


The NYS WIC Program will be holding quarterly WIC webinars to share important program information with the WIC vendor community. Save the dates! To get on a mailing list for information on upcoming webinars please send an email to​

2019 Vendor Bulletins

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2015 Vendor Bulletins

VB 2015 – 5 Beech-Nut Recall of Select Baby Food Products VB 2015 – 4 New WIC Check Cashing Procedures VB 2015 – 3 Removal of the Not to Exceed (NTE) Amount on WIC Checks VB 2015 – 2 Temporary Increase to WIC Vegetables and Fruits Checks VB 2015 – 1 Mandatory WIC Vendor Survey VB 2015 – 14 Changes to NYS WIC Vendor Monitoring VB 2015 – 13 October Informational VB 2015 – 12 Revised NYS WIC Program Minimum Stock Requirement VB 2015 – 11 New NYS WIC Acceptable Foods Effective July 1, 2015 VB 2015 – 10 Changes to the NYS WIC Program Minimum Stock Requirement VB 2015 – 9 WIC Vendor Violations and Sanctions VB 2015 – 8 Regional Food & Formula Check_v2_May26_15 March 2015 Average Paid Amounts Western Region March 2015 Average Paid Amounts Metro.Suburban Region March 2015 Average Paid Amounts Metro.Long Island March 2015 Average Paid Amounts Central Region VB 2015 – 7 WIC Check Reimbursement_v2_May1_2015 Supplement to VB 2015 – 7_Banking Support_Memo_May4_2015 VB 2015 – 6 Revised Vendor Handbook

2014 Vendor Bulletins

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