The NYS WIC Program will be converting paper New York State WIC checks to eWIC, an online electronic benefits transfer system, similar to how debit cards work. In order for WIC-authorized vendors to be ready for electronic WIC (e-WIC), the store must have hardware and software installed to initiate a WIC food purchase transaction. This requires the vendor to have:

  • A Point of Sale (POS) terminal that will accept and recognize an e-WIC card.

  • A keypad that is connected with the POS terminal to allow a WIC participant to securely enter her/his personal identification number (PIN).

  • An integrated electronic cash register (IECR) that identifies a WIC-authorized food product by its Universal Product Code (UPC) or price look-up (PLU) code.

Vendors currently without bar code scanning systems and considering an upgrade to their cash register are encouraged to select Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) that are e-WIC ready. There are several value added retailers to provide ECRs and support for e-WIC.

eWIC certified TPPs and ECRs