UPC Information

WIC Approved Products List

The NYS WIC Program maintains a database of Universal Product Codes (UPC) and Product Look-Up (PLU) codes for all WIC allowed products. This database is called the NYS WIC Approved Products List (APL).

NYS WIC needs vendor support to make sure the APL is complete and up-to-date. Please use the resources on this page to review the current APL and submit the UPC information for any new or missing WIC allowable products. WIC participants will not be able to purchase any products that are not included in the APL.

Guidance for the APL and UPC Submissions

This guide gives details about the Approved Products List and instructions for submitting UPCs .

Guide to the APL and UPC Submission August 2023


The full NYS WIC APL is available below in both pdf and Excel form. Use these files to review the APL in more detail. There are also pdf files of the APL by food category. All of these files are updated weekly.

Full APL JUNE 20 2024

Full APL JUNE 20 2024 (excel)

Recent Changes JUNE 20 2024

Recent Changes JUNE 20 2024 (excel)

Food items removed from the Foods Card and APL

APL by food category:

Baby Foods JUNE 20 2024

Bread Whole Grains JUNE 20 2024

Canned Fish JUNE 20 2024

Canned Vegetables and Fruits JUNE 20 2024

Cereal JUNE 20 2024

Cheese Tofu Yogurt JUNE 20 2024

Dried and Canned Beans (Mature Legumes) JUNE 20 2024

Eggs JUNE 20 2024

Formula and WIC Nutritionals JUNE 20 2024

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits JUNE 20 2024

Juice JUNE 20 2024

Milk and Soy Beverage JUNE 20 2024

Peanut Butter JUNE 20 2024

Produce PLUs JUNE 20 2024

Productos Agricolas Tradicionales PLU en Español JUNE 20 2024

Simplified Produce PLU List 

Simplified Produce PLU List (Excel)

Submitting UPCs

The link below will allow vendors to provide one UPC at a time for new or missing products.

Instructions for completing the UPC collection form:

  • Provide contact information so that you can be reached for updates or further questions.
  • Select today’s date from the calendar provided.
  • Enter the 12 or 13 digit UPC number.
  • Provide the brand name and food description.
  • All submissions MUST include 2 pictures of the product – the pictures must clearly show the barcode, product name, and nutritional information including ingredients.

More detailed instructions are available in the APL and UPC Guide for New York State WIC Vendors, posted above.

NYS WIC UPC Submissions

If you are a manufacturer or need to enter UPCs in bulk, please download the Excel worksheet provided below. Once completed, email the form and 2 pictures of each product to wicfoods@health.ny.gov.

More detailed instructions are available in the APL and UPC Guide for New York State WIC Vendors, posted above.

UPC-PLU List Bulk Additions