NYS WIC Infant Formula Supplier List



Baby held by a parentFederal law requires WIC vendors to only purchase infant formula from a legitimate, approved supplier.

The Infant Formula Supplier List offers a list of New York State approved suppliers.

Businesses on the list are:

  • Registered with the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (if required to have a food license), or

  • Registered with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, or

  • Approved by another state’s WIC program (if located in another state).

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The Vendor role In the WIC Program

We recognize that every vendor participating in the WIC Program has a vital role to play in the overall success of the WIC Program in NYS.

You help improve the health and nutrition status of the WIC customers shopping at your store simply by:

  • Providing participants with a good choice of WIC-allowed foods

  • Insuring participants receive the correct kinds and amounts of these foods