WIC Vendors in New York State

Pharmacy WIC Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrate eWIC Readiness
  • Current Pharmacy Registration number
  • Meet Minimum Stock Requirements through an in-store vendor monitoring, and willingness to order, and stock exempt formulas as requested
  • Demonstrate prices charged for WIC allowable foods are reasonable
  • Attend vendor training
  • Demonstrate reasonable hours of operation – the store is open at least 6 days per week, 8 hours per day
  • Pass a business integrity review

The New York State WIC Program will not contract with a vendor that has been disqualified from a USDA, Food and Nutrition Services program during the last 6 years or if any of the vendor applicant’s current owners, officers or managers have civil judgment entered against them for, or have been convicted of any activity indicating a lack of business integrity or not using authorized vendors from the approved NYS WIC Infant Formula Supplier List.

Zip Code List

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