Pharmacy WIC Vendor Selection Criteria

  1. There must be no other pharmacies participating in the WIC program within a 10 block or half-mile walking distance of the applicant pharmacy.
  2. The applicant pharmacy must stock and maintain the New York State Department of Health Infant formula in the minimum quantities and varieties as set forth in the New York State Department of Health WIC Program Vendor Minimum Stock Requirements form.
  3. The applicant pharmacy must agree to order and/or stock formulas and non-contract formulas as requested by the VMA.
  4. The applicant pharmacy’s prices must be reasonable. Reasonable shall be defined by calculating the applicant’s selling price of the VMA’s most commonly prescribed formula check for an infant. The cost of checks should be within 10 percent of the VMA’s average for this check.
  5. The applicant pharmacy must have reasonable hours of operations. Reasonable is defined as operating a minimum of 6 days per week, 8 hours per day.

    All of the above pharmacy WIC vendor selection criteria do not need to be met if denying authorization of the applicant would result in inadequate participant access.

    The New York State WIC program will not contract with any vendor that has been disqualified from a USDA, Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) program during the last six (6) years or if any of the vendor applicant’s current owners, officers, or managers have civil judgment entered against them for, or have been convicted of any activity indicating a lack of business integrity. WIC Vendor Management will determine which offenses apply. The vendor must have and maintain a positive compliance history with any and all FNS programs, if currently or formerly a vendor for those programs.

New WIC Vendor Questionnaire