Re-authorization Forms and Requirements

Reauthorization of Existing WIC Vendors

Woman shopping with infantIf a vendor wishes to continue to be authorized beyond the period of its current contract, the vendor must reapply for authorization. This process is known as “reauthorization” and begins when the VMA sends a reauthorization application packet to the vendor 120 days prior to the vendor’s current contract expiration date.

Once the vendor receives their reauthorization application packet, they have 30 days to submit a complete and legible application packet with all the required documentation to their VMA. The vendor will receive written notification of the VMA’s decision to approve or deny the reauthorization application. If the vendor does not wish to be reauthorized, the vendor must notify the VMA in writing as soon as possible but no later than 45 days from the contract expiration date.​

If the vendor does not submit the reauthorization application packet within the required timeframe, the VMA will send a reminder letter to the vendor. This reminder letter serves as notice to the vendor that if the reauthorization application packet is not returned prior to the contract expiration date, the vendor’s contract will expire and the vendor will no longer be authorized to accept NYS WIC checks.

Forms and Requirements

Vendor Re-authorizations:  mail your re-authorization and all supporting materials to a

Vendor Management Agency which has jurisdiction in your geographic area.

You MUST include the following documents when mailing your WIC vendor re-authorization: (Only complete re-authorization packets will be processed.)

  • A completed application for each store. (Be sure to complete all twelve pages of the application)

  • All supporting documents.

  • Completed re-authorization Checklist

  • All complete re-authorization packets must be received prior to the vendor’s contract expiration date. Failure to send a completed re-authization packet will result in termination from the WIC program.